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Friends of DOLOCOIN Mentoring Group LLC.,


Friends of DOLOCOIN Mentoring Donation Statement:


As a friend of the DOLOCOIN Mentoring Group, I believe in the mission of DOLOCOIN Mentoring,

I believe in its value system.

I believe in the structure of the Group and its purpose.

I believe in the overall integrity of the group and I believe it is a worthwhile venture.

I believe in the general goal and mission of the DOLOCOIN Mentoring Group; to help our youth and young adults learn and grow, and assist them with the difficult task of becoming productive citizens in this society we live in today.

For these reasons and more I offer my donation to the DOLOCOIN Mentoring Group LLC as an investment into the futures of all the young people who will be served by it, and who will benefit from the efforts of the DOLOCOIN Mentoring Group LLC,.

Friends of DOLOCOIN,


We would like to thank you in advance for your support of the DOLOCOIN Mentoring Group.  Our organization aims to supply children of our communities with positive and self-building activities. Our goal is to help our youth personally and academically. In doing so, we want to help the youth realize their full potential and help them layout their career goals. Your financial gift of at least one dollar will help us with this effort. It will help provide supplies for children of the DOLOCOIN Mentoring Group. Supplies may include but are not limited to school supplies, sports equipment, community debate team, community choir, and the community marching band just to name a few.. Your donation is greatly appreciated. So we thank you in advance for your support.


Larry Sanders

Mentoring Group Organizer/ CEO

 Thank you, to all of our Friends, Sponsors, and Supporters

Name                       City, State               Donation Amount

Andrews Willie Oakland Calif.


Higgins  Pam 15
Washington  Jeffrey Kansas City, Mo. 25